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Should I buy a new car or should I buy a used car? Find out from below that will help you make buying decision:


Buying a like-new vehicle can easily save you thousands of dollars in depreciation while still providing benefits and protections associated with purchasing brand new. Making the great decision to buy like-new at Car Pace lets you enjoy the following:

  • The latest trends, technologies, and body styles
  • Coverage under the manufacturer’s original warranty
  • Carfax accident-free certification
  • Financing rates similar to brand new – as low as 1.9%!
  • Up to 40% savings on purchase price
Compare Like-New with Brand New

Brand New – Pay premium for latest trends and tech / Like New – Latest and greatest for up to 40% less

Brand New – Lose up to 40% in the first two years / Like New – Depreciation has already been paid

Brand New – Original Manufacturer’s Warranty / Like New – Original Manufacturer’s Warranty

Extended Protection
Brand New – Frequently requires repairs performed at selling dealer / Like New – Our many options allow repairs to be performed at any credit-card accepting repair facility

Brand New – New Car Financing Rates / Like New – New Car Financing Rates

Ease of Purchase
Brand New – Hours of negotiating and fighting through red tape / Like New – Get all financing terms from the comfort of your own home

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