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Car Pace has devised a consumer-centric auto purchasing process that changes the paradigm of the traditional pre-owned auto buying model. It is based on superior inventory combined with the concept of meeting the customer where they are today. Car Pace experts have created a better purchasing experience by tapping in to consumer needs and behaviors, as well as understanding future online buying trends based in in-depth research and analysis. Car Pace delivers a superior experience based on a perfect alignment to each individual consumer’s needs and desires


Our four core values set us apart from our competition and guarantee absolute satisfaction from test drive to delivery:



From start to finish, we have no secrets. With every step of the process available to you, you receive a more honest and open experience than you’ve ever had before. Our practices ensure that you’re never left wondering what happened – you’re along for the ride.


Everything we do is with you in mind. We perform thorough inspections on every single vehicle to guarantee excellent quality and strive to make your experience custom-tailored to your needs through multiple financing and lender options and extended warranty protection availability. Our goal is to do everything we can to make the car-buying experience as effortless as possible for you.


Other dealerships try really hard to keep you happy… until you leave the parking lot. Car Pace follows you every mile beyond. We stand behind our services 100% because every customer matters – and if you’re not happy, neither are we. Our integrity ensures no fast moves are pulled and that you remain in a low-pressure environment at all times for the best vehicle purchase experience you’ve ever had.


Your car-buying experience isn’t just exciting for you – it’s exciting for us too! Every employee is invested in ensuring your top satisfaction because you’re a member of our Car Pace Family. We take full ownership of everything we do because not only do we believe in our practices and products, but we believe you deserve the best experience possible.

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